Why Choose Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood Floors FAQ

Hardwood floors add value to a home which makes them one of the most popular home renovation investments.  When choosing hardwood floors, there are many different factors to consider including wood species, stain colors, surface treatments, and finishes.  Hardwood floors are available in light wood stains, warm dark tones, and many beautiful shades in between.  Beneath the stain is the natural beauty of the wood species which affects the look of the floor.  For example, hickory hardwood has more pronounced graining whereas white oak has fine, straight graining. In addition to stain and species, the design and feel of hardwood floors can be created by surface treatments such as smooth, hand-scraped, wire-brushed, and saw-marked techniques.  Which hardwood floor is right for your home and family?  Our experienced flooring retailers are here to guide you from selection to installation.

Palmetto Road hardwood floors seamlessly fit into any design aesthetic and style from traditional and classic to rustic and modern. With our custom stains, handcrafted finishing techniques, and 50-year residential warranty,  Palmetto Road floors will offer great beauty and value for years to come.

What is the difference between engineered and solid hardwood floors?

Both solid and engineered hardwood floors are hardwood floors but have different constructions.  There are benefits to both options depending on the climate, house construction, and room in the home where the hardwood floors will be installed. For example, a home that is constructed on a cement slab will require engineered hardwood floors.  To learn which type of floors are best for your home, contact a Palmetto Road flooring retailer for expert advice.

Solid hardwood floors are constructed of a solid plank of lumber that is milled to a uniform thickness and width.  They can be installed on the ground level and upper levels of your home. It is important to have proper HVAC or humidity control because solid planks have a tendency to cup or crown in a high humidity environment, causing movement which can result in buckling.  Solid hardwood floors can be sanded and finished.

Engineered hardwood floors are made of multiple layers of wood veneers with the stained specie of choice on the top. The cross-layer construction of the veneers is designed to reduce expansion with dimensional stability.  Engineered floors can be installed in basements or floors constructed on a slab.  If the top wear layer is thick enough (example:  4mm such as our Veranda Asheville and Charleston Collections) then these floors can be sanded and refinished.  In general, however, engineered floors cannot be refinished.

Palmetto Road PR Engineered and Solid Hardwood

What makes Palmetto Road hardwood floors different from other flooring brands?

When it comes to hardwood flooring, Palmetto Road has some of the finest quality products available on the market.  One reason why they are beloved by homeowners across the Southeast is because of the craftsmanship that goes into each hardwood collection. From dual-hand staining techniques to 3D wire-brushing, Palmetto Road uses the latest advancements in technology to bring about elements of the past, thus developing products that are vibrant and beautiful, yet authentic and true to history.

Are Palmetto Road hardwood floors environmentally friendly and safe for my home?

All Palmetto Road flooring products adhere to strict environmental and safety requirements. Palmetto Road hardwood floors meet California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliance including CARB Phase II for formaldehyde emissions.  Our hardwood floors have also been FloorScore and EPA certified.

What is the warranty on Palmetto Road hardwood floors?

We offer a 50-year residential and a 5-year light commercial warranty.  Our Asheville and Charleston collections in our Veranda line have a 3-year full commercial warranty.

How can I get a sample of Palmetto Road hardwood floors?

We have partnered with Twenty & Oak to facilitate all of our flooring samples.  Samples are available for all Palmetto Road hardwood products.  Use promo code PALMETTO when checking out on Twenty & Oak to receive up to 4 samples for free.

Where can I purchase your floors?

Palmetto Road flooring is sold exclusively through authorized local flooring dealers with a brick and mortar retail store. We do not support sales of our floors by e-retailers or through online stores and do not offer a warranty on products purchased this way.  Our floors are also not available in big box stores.

To find the nearest dealer in your area, see our find a store page. If you can’t locate a dealer on the map, please email info@palmettoroadflooring.com or call 855-212-9888 and we can help you find a retailer.