How to Clean WAterproof Floors

Care & Maintenance Guidelines

Waterproof rigid core floors are durable and easy to clean. For routine care, sweep, vacuum, and clean the floors with neutral pH cleaners or water.

Follow the care and maintenance instructions for Palmetto Road waterproof floors to ensure your floors will look beautiful for years to come.

Download the guides here:

Inspire Collection Care & Maintenance Guide

Impact Collection Care & Maintenance Guide

Revive Collection Care & Maintenance Guide (discontinued April 2024)

Here are a few essential tips to maintain waterproof floors:

  • Furniture should have felt pads attached to the feet to avoid scratching the floor. Heavy appliances or furniture should sit on non-staining large surface floor protectors.
  • When furniture has castors or wheels on the feet, they must be suitable for resilient floors, large surface non-staining, and swivel easily. Do not use ball-type castors because they can damage the floor.
  • Office chairs with castor wheels should be equipped with wide, rubber castors and protective mats under the chairs.
  • Protective mats should be non-staining as rubber mats may discolor the floor.
  • All furniture pieces should have floor protectors under them.
  • Walk-off mats should be used in entrances to help prevent dirt from being carried onto the floor.
  • The product should never be exposed to temperatures exceeding 140 degrees Fahrenheit . Avoid exposure to long periods of direct sunlight. Blinds or drapes should be closed during peak daylight. Exposure to excessive heat and light can thermally degrade the floor.
  • Regularly sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dirt and dust. Do not use a vacuum with a beater bar to vacuum the floor as this can cause floor scratches. Do not use hard-bottomed electric brooms without padding as they can scratch the floor.

What to Avoid

Palmetto Road does not recommend the use of any type of steam cleaner on our floors. The concern with these types of cleaners is that they generate too much moisture and heat. If adhesive was used the resulting moisture and heat can be enough to break down the adhesive. Also, in instances where no glue is used, we have seen both peaked and swelled edges occur. Therefore all complaints that are determined to be from a consumer using a steamer will be denied by Palmetto Road.

  • If pet urine contacts the floor, it should be cleaned in a timely manner. If the floor is not cleaned and the urine removed, it may dull the finish.
  • Liquid spills and any wet areas should also be cleaned in a timely manner. The floor can be damp mopped with clean warm water and a dilute floor cleaner as needed. Do not use harsh cleaners or chemicals, abrasive scrubbing pads, abrasive tools, or abrasive cleaners as they can scratch the floor. Do not use detergents and do not use floor shining products like “mop and shine” types on the floor.
  • Petroleum-based products can stain the surface of your vinyl floor. These include materials like asphalt driveway sealer and engine motor oil, among others.